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Nexton is one of the best places to live in the United States. Between city's history, its location, food, people, and climate, few places mix southern hospitality with laid-back vibes, quite like Nexton. As locals, we love calling The Holy City home, but living here comes with its challenges, especially if you are a home or business owner.

Due to the tropical-like weather and high humidity, surfaces like concrete and wood are often riddled with algae and mold, in addition to common grime and dirt. These natural occurrences can affect the beauty of your home or place of business, resulting in an unkempt, neglected look. That's where Palmetto Pressure Clean Nexton comes in - to restore your home or your business back to its original beauty and prevent unsightly growth and grime from re-occurring over time.

When it comes to pressure washing in Nexton, SC, we strive to provide our customers with industry-leading service, every time we are hired. While some pressure washing companies in Nexton are known for lazy workers and mediocre services, we make it a point to exceed our customer's expectations. We do so by prioritizing quick responses, extra-hard work, ongoing training, and excellent customer service. We stand behind our work - check out our reviews on Google!

We're the best choice to protect your home or business not only from mold and mildew but from bugs, bird's nests, spider webs, and potential damage caused by less experienced pressure washers in Nexton. Our customer's health, happiness, and satisfaction always come first. We are a licensed, insured pressure washing company in Nexton. When you hire our company, know that we will treat your home as if it were our own.

At the end of the day, our mission is simple: give our customers top-notch service and beautiful results while remaining friendly, approachable, and helpful. We specialize in two forms of pressure washing: residential and commercial. Keep reading to learn more about our pressure washer process and the benefits of each type of service.


Residential Pressure Washing in
Nexton, SC

When you own a home in the Lowcountry, its exterior is constantly exposed to the elements, resulting in mildew, dirt, and pollen. When not properly cleaned, the exterior surfaces of your home like brick, stucco, and vinyl suffer. With time, they can even break down. At Palmetto Pressure Clean Nexton, we use a specially-crafted cleaning solution and time-tested techniques to remove hazardous contaminants safely and effectively.

Unlike some pressure washers in Nexton, we use a no-to-low pressure washing strategy for residential properties. Also called "soft washing," this process includes washing and rinsing your windows, along with the exterior face of your gutters. High-pressure tactics are effective against mildew, but they run the risk of causing damage to your siding and windows. Our soft wash cleaner is specifically designed to remove mildew and algae gently, yet effectively from many porous surfaces. Our professional pressure washers also manually brush your gutters with a stain-removing agent to remove unsightly black streaks.

Our soft pressure washing process not only cleans your home but protects it from high-pressure techniques that damage your paint and siding. With soft washing, you won't have to worry about diminished curb appeal or reduced resale value of your home.

These techniques use gentle water pressure and at the same time, apply an environmentally friendly cleaning solution to remove contaminants. With this strategy, your plants and other landscaped areas won't suffer any damage, which is why many homeowners prefer going this route. Once the cleaning agent has removed mold, algae, etc., our team thoroughly rinses the exterior of your home. After rinsing, your home will be left with a squeaky-clean appearance that will make your neighbors jealous in the best way possible.

 Power Washer Nexton, SC

Our residential pressure washing services don't end with soft washing. Here is a quick glance at a few other commonly requested services from homeowners just like you:

High-pressure cleaning with hot water. Our high-pressure cleaning services are great for many different surfaces, like concrete, brick, and stone.

High-pressure cleaning

Gutter and roof debris removal with subsequent flush and removal of bagged debris from property.

Gutter and roof debris removal

Low-to-no pressure roof treatment to remove black staining and unsightly streaks resulting from algae, mold, and other contaminants.

Low-to-no pressure roof treatment

Cleaning of wood decks, fences, docks, decks, and more.

Cleaning of wood decks

Benefits of Residential Pressure Washing in Nexton, SC

Your home's exterior is exposed to harsh elements all the time. After all, its job is to keep the elements out so that you can enjoy life inside your home. Natural conditions like wind, dirt, sun, UV rays, birds, bugs, and insects - not to mention things like smoke, acid rain, and car exhaust - are constantly beating on your home. With time, your home becomes discolored, soiled, and even damaged.

If you own a home in Nexton, pressure washing is the most efficient and effective way to keep your home's exterior clean while safeguarding your time, family, and investment.

A few of the most common benefits of pressure washing include:

 Pressure Wash Nexton, SC


Pressure Washing Prevents Damage

When moisture builds up in the summer and winter months, it can cause serious damage to your home's surfaces. Should you let grime or stains remain on your exterior surfaces for a long time, it can result in permanent damage. Contaminants like mold actually feed off of your paint and other finishes, essentially removing these accents from your home. Throw in hard-to-reach areas like cracks and crevices that are notorious for mildew growth, and there's a lot of potential damage waiting.

Fortunately, a professional pressure washer in Nexton, SC, can remove dirt, grime, mold, and other contaminants that can cause damage over time. This protects your investment and helps keep your family healthy.


Pressure Washing Primes Surfaces for Painting

If you have plans to resurface, refinish, or repaint exterior portions of your home, pressure cleaning is a great way to prep your work area. By removing all grime and dirt from your work surface, you can be sure that you're working on a smooth, clean area free of grit. Pressure wash first if you're planning on other projects like re-staining your deck or refinishing your in-ground pool. Doing so will help your outdoor surfaces hold their new finish easier.


Pressure Washing Protects Your Family

According to the ACAAI, some of the most common allergic triggers are mold, dust mites, pollen, and mildew. These contaminants can be harmful to your health. Having your home and its surfaces pressure washed at least once a year can be very beneficial for your family's health. This is especially true for people who are sensitive to allergens and mold. By removing contaminants and allergens from your home's surfaces, you can help prevent your family from getting sick. One of the best times to consider pressure washing your home is in springtime, when allergens are present. Our eco-friendly pressure washing solution will help remove and kill fungus, algae, mold, and even bacteria.

Commercial Pressure Washing in Nexton, SC

If you own a business with a storefront, you know how important first impressions can be. When customers walk up to your store and see it covered in mold, mildew, dirt, and grime, they may have second thoughts about buying your products. After all, if you can't take the time to make your business presentable for customers, why would you put any effort into the service or product that you're selling?

At Palmetto Pressure Clean Nexton, we work with business owners across Nexton who know the value of a professionally cleaned storefront. Some just don't have the time to pressure wash their business themselves. Others prefer to rely on our team of professional pressure washers to get the job done right the first time. Whatever your commercial pressure washing needs may be, we are here to help.

We offer our unmatched pressure washing services to a number of different businesses and organizations in Nexton, including:

  • Business Storefronts
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Dumpster Pads
  • Churches
  • Apartments
  • Schools
  • Sidewalks
  • Windows
  • Much More!

Call our office today at 843-593-6815 to learn more about our commercial pressure washing process, and to set up quarterly or monthly service to keep your storefront looking fresh and clean.

 Pressure Washer Nexton, SC

Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing in Nexton, SC

When your commercial property takes a beating from the weather in Chucktown, the best way to achieve a clean, new look is with professional pressure washing. Our team uses high-pressure washing solutions for areas like parking lots, sidewalks, masonry, and concrete. We then use low-pressure washing techniques on your siding, windows, and other areas that need a gentler touch.

Additional benefits of commercial pressure washing include:

 Best Pressure Washer Nexton, SC


Commercial Pressure Washing Means Fewer Repairs

With time, dirt and grime will build up on your commercial structure's sides and roof. When you pressure wash regularly, you can prevent rot from taking hold in areas where fences, sidewalks, gutters, and other hard surfaces are common. In fact, our cleaning solutions can help prevent serious structural damage caused by mold, mildew, algae, and other contaminants.


Commercial Pressure Washing Helps Curb Appeal

If you are a business owner with a storefront, you have probably spent hours of time and thousands of dollars updating your facade. But when you don't take proper care of your businesses' exterior, all that time and money go to waste. Doing so gives customers a great first impression before they walk into your store. Additionally, you will almost certainly get higher offers on your store if it has been pressure washed and cleaned prior to listing it for sale.


Commercial Pressure Washing Creates a Healthier Environment

Pressure washing makes any commercial building cleaner, making it a healthier environment for customers and employees. Customers just feel better and more at ease when they shop in a store that is well cared for. They are also more likely to spend more time in your business and become repeat customers. Not only will customers enjoy the benefits of a cleaner building, but so will your employees. They'll be healthier, happier, and won't have to worry about health concerns from mold, mildew, and fungus. Happy, healthy employees mean more satisfied customers, which ultimately benefits your bottom line.

Trust the Palmetto Pressure Clean Difference

At Palmetto Pressure Clean Nexton, we are passionate about delivering quality pressure cleaning services for residential and commercial needs. We are committed to excellence, meaning our carefully selected pressure washers pay extra attention to detail and quality in every task they perform. We truly value each job, no matter how large or small they may be. Unlike some of our competitors in Nexton, we want to build relationships with our clients. We strive to get to know every home and business owner that we have the privilege of serving. Whether we're pressure washing a historic home off Queen Street or a popular business off King Street, we always aim to exceed expectations.

Interested in learning more info about our pressure washing services in Nexton? Curious whether pressure washing is appropriate for your home or business? Ready to set up an appointment? Our stellar team of customer service professionals is here to help, even if you have a couple of simple questions to ask.

When it's time to get cleaning, rely on the Palmetto Pressure Clean team to turn your dingy nightmare into a spick and span dream.

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Latest News in Nexton, SC

SC boasts 3 of 50 top-selling master-planned communities in US; 2 are in Charleston area

You’re seeing The Post and Courier’s weekly real estate newsletter. Receive all the latest transactions and top development, building, and home and commercial sales news to your inbox each Saturday here.At the mid-year point, South Carolina boasts three of the ...

You’re seeing The Post and Courier’s weekly real estate newsletter. Receive all the latest transactions and top development, building, and home and commercial sales news to your inbox each Saturday here.

At the mid-year point, South Carolina boasts three of the top-selling 50 master-planned communities in the U.S.

RCLCO Real Estate Consulting ranked Cane Bay Plantation in Berkeley County at No. 5 with 525 sales during the first six months of 2022. That’s down 9 percent from last year’s midpoint.

Nexton, also in Berkeley, came in at No. 22 with with 308 sales, down 5 percent from the first six months of last year.

Latitude Margaritaville in Hardeeville near Hilton Head Island ranked No. 39 with 234 sales, down 29 percent from last year from January through June.

The top-selling, master-planned community continues to be The Villages, between Ocala and Orlando, Fla. It had about 1,500 sales, down 25 percent from last year at the midpoint.

Almost all of the top 50 are in the southern tier of states. Texas posted the most with 20, Florida landed 15, Nevada had four, California and Arizona saw three each, and Utah and Washington state notched one each.

Total new home sales among the 50 top-selling master-planned communities declined by 18 percent in the first half of 2022 compared to the same time period last year, according to RCLCO.

“Supply chain issues and inadequate new home inventory have continued to pose problems for developers, as price increases and interest rate hikes have begun to impact traffic from potential buyers in recent months,” RCLCO said in its mid-year report.

Nationally, the average price among all new single-family homes is up 15 percent since mid-2021.

“The results of this updated mid-year report confirm that supply chain disruptions continue to have an impact on the ability of master-planned communities to meet new home demand, though climbing interest rates and price appreciation??????? have begun to have an impact on that demand, at least in the near-term,” said RCLCO principal Karl Pischke.

“However, it is important not to overreact to the slowing of sales seen over the last year, as these are still short-term trends,” he said.

“The long-term future of the for-sale housing industry, as evidenced by favorable demographic tailwinds, is strong,” Pischke said. “And the future of master-planned communities, particularly in their ability to capture an outsized share of buyer demand during uncertain or difficult economic times, provides another reason for optimism.”

An affiliate of King and Society Real Estate of Charleston bought the 1.5-acre parcel in 2019 for $1.25 million and plans to open a 38-room new lodging??????? with a restaurant and other amenities on the edge of Beresford Creek.

4427: Address on Spruill Avenue in North Charleston for a new alcohol-making business called Wind & Waves??????? Brewing.

28,200: Square footage of new Buy Buy Baby store soon to open in North Charleston. It’s the company’s second store in South Carolina.

5,703: Square footage of new sports bar The Natural coming to Johns Island, tentatively in mid-August.

+ Sold: The historic Two Meeting Street Inn changed hands earlier this month for nearly $7.7M. It’s had just two previous owners in its 131-year history.

+ The scoop: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams plans to open a second Charleston-area venue in Mount Pleasant Towne Centre.

+ Breaking ground: Charleston kicks off work on $42 million affordable senior housing complex??????? at former Archer School.

Developers Capital Square and Method Co. plan to open the 50-room ROOST Apartment Hotel??????? by early 2024 at the site of the former Dixie Furniture Store at 529 King St. in downtown Charleston.

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Terwilliger Pappas Opens Solis Nexton in Summerville, SC

Leading Southeast Multifamily Developer Delivers on Newest Luxury Solis-Branded Property, Solis NextonSUMMERVILLE, S.C., July 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Terwilliger Pappas, one of the Southeast’s premier multifamily property developers, is nearing completion on Solis Nexton, adding to its roster of 32 complete properties. Under th...

Leading Southeast Multifamily Developer Delivers on Newest Luxury Solis-Branded Property, Solis Nexton

SUMMERVILLE, S.C., July 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Terwilliger Pappas, one of the Southeast’s premier multifamily property developers, is nearing completion on Solis Nexton, adding to its roster of 32 complete properties. Under the company’s marquee Solis brand, the newest property features 320 apartment homes in the Nexton neighborhood of Summerville. The project team includes Summit Contracting, Group 4 Architecture, Cline Design Associates, Seamon Whiteside and management company, Lincoln Property Company.

Welcoming home its first residents on July 29th, Solis Nexton offers contemporary finishes such as granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, custom kitchen islands with sleek shaker-style cabinetry and modern hardware. Solis Nexton’s extensive amenity list includes a saltwater pool, expansive fitness center and yoga studio, local hot and cold brew coffee on tap, community dog park and pet spa, and a business center brimming with work from home opportunities. The community is located just steps from Nexton Square, placing residents moments from Nexton’s premier attractions such as Hall’s Chophouse, Taco Boy, Poogan’s Porch, and Page’s Okra Grill.

“Solis Nexton will provide our residents the full complement of amenities found in all of our Solis communities while honing in on the signature neighborly spirit of Nexton,” said Tom Barker, Regional CEO of Terwilliger Pappas. “Positioned minutes from top employers, schools, conveniences, entertainment, and walkable to all the perks of Nexton Square, living at Solis Nexton puts residents at the pulse of the Nexton community, and we are excited and honored to be the newest addition to the neighborhood.”

Lincoln Property Company will serve as the management company and has already begun pre-leasing apartment homes at Solis Nexton. Lincoln currently manages 11 active communities in the Charleston area and is thrilled to be working with Terwilliger Pappas and the Nexton team on this project. “We are looking forward to welcoming the first members of the ‘inner circle’ here at Solis Nexton later this July,” said Danielle Lombardi, Business Manager at Solis Nexton. “This community is truly a place to enjoy the brighter moments and we’ve really perfected the resident experience to be one that is second to none in the Summerville submarket.”

To explore the collection of studios, one-, two- and three- bedroom offerings at Solis Nexton- visit: 6000 Front Street | Summerville, SC 29486 or call to schedule your tour today: (854) 300-4913. You may also visit the community online and explore virtual touring options at:

For more information on Terwilliger Pappas or its 32 properties, please visit

About Terwilliger Pappas

Founded in 2013 by J. Ronald Terwilliger and Peter A. Pappas, Terwilliger Pappas develops best-in-class multifamily apartment communities in the Southeast’s most appealing submarkets. Terwilliger Pappas communities are identified by their marquee brand, Solis, and reflect the company’s elevated design emphasis resulting in the highest quality communities for residents, investors, and partners. Terwilliger Pappas is based in Charlotte, with regional offices in Raleigh and Atlanta.

About Solis Nexton

Solis Nexton is a vibrant community in the heart of the award winning, master- planned Nexton community. Enjoy our contemporary aesthetic, ideal amenities, and neighborly atmosphere while just steps away from renowned restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. At Solis Nexton, you’ll live a bit brighter. Welcome home.

About Lincoln Property Company

Lincoln Property Company was founded in 1965 by Mack Pogue as a builder and operator of high-quality residential communities. Headquartered in Dallas, Lincoln focuses on real estate investment, construction and development, in addition to property management. In 2019, Lincoln Property Company’s residential division formed a strategic partnership with Cadillac Fairview (CF), a globally focused owner, operator, investor, and developer of best-in-class retail, office, residential, industrial and mixed-use assets. Wholly owned by the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, CF manages in excess of $36 billion of assets across the Americas, Asia, and the United Kingdom, with further expansion planned into Europe. Lincoln is currently the second largest multifamily manager in the United States with more than 210,000 units under management. For more information about Lincoln Property Company, please visit

Media Contact:Tom BarkerTerwilliger Pappastbarker@terwilligerpappas.com919-585-5191

Multifamily developer breaks ground in Summerville

Quarterra Multifamily has broken ground on a 312-apartment home neighborhood called Emblem Cane Bay North in Summerville.Emblem Cane Bay North is the first joint venture between Quarterra and Nuveen Real Estate and is the first portion of the two-phase development, according to a news release. Embl...

Quarterra Multifamily has broken ground on a 312-apartment home neighborhood called Emblem Cane Bay North in Summerville.

Emblem Cane Bay North is the first joint venture between Quarterra and Nuveen Real Estate and is the first portion of the two-phase development, according to a news release. Emblem communities were created by Quarterra to make more attainable housing available to middle-income renters.

The garden-style community will feature 312 apartment homes within walking distance of the Cane Bay Plantation bike and pedestrian trails, with access to neighborhood schools, retail centers, dining, employment hubs and commuter routes, the news release said.

“Emblem Cane Bay North will offer a contemporary renter experience in a location that puts residents within easy reach of everything they need and everything Summerville has to offer,” Beach Corontzes, development manager for Quarterra, said in the release. “The Emblem brand means renters can expect more from their community in every aspect except price. We're thrilled to bring this remarkable community and renter opportunity to an already exceptional neighborhood.”

Situated at 44000 Owl Wood Lane, the site is in close proximity to retail centers like The Market at Cane Bay, North Creek Marketplace at Nexton, and The Shoppes at Nexton. Local dining options include Famuliari's Pizzeria, Rio Chico Mexican, Eggs Up Grill, Agaves Cantina, Taco Boy, Halls Chophouse and Starbucks. Residents will be within easy reach of YMCA of Cane Bay, as well as local schools. Major employers in the area include Boeing, Volvo, WalMart, Mercedes Benz/Diamler, Bosch and Joint Base Charleston.

The property, at 44000 Owl Wood Lane, will include 520 surface parking spaces with 35 leasable garage spaces.

“We are excited about starting this relationship with Quarterra and delivering new apartments in the Charleston MSA, a leading growth market in the Sunbelt," Carlos Burneo, Nuveen's lead for housing development, said in the release. “Emblem Cane Bay North fits right in with our housing middle market rental strategy. It also aligns with our goals on housing development, focused on standardization and delivering a more attainable rental product.”

Emblem Cane Bay North units will consist of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartment homes, ranging from 738 to 1,434 square feet.

Residents will have access to a community clubhouse with indoor lounge, a swimming pool with a deck-side sunshelf, two outdoor grilling stations and an on-site dog park.

Nearly half of home buyers in Berkeley County’s megadevelopments are from out of state

If it seems like parts of Berkeley County are being invaded by new out-of-state residents, you’re only halfway wrong — or correct.Almost half of new home buyers in Nexton and Carnes Crossroads — two of the most flocked-to master-planned communities in the Charleston region — are coming from places beyond South Carolina’s borders.In 2021, this group represented 47 percent of purchasers in Nexton and Carnes Crossroads. The other 53 percent came from within the Palmetto State, with 70 percent of those...

If it seems like parts of Berkeley County are being invaded by new out-of-state residents, you’re only halfway wrong — or correct.

Almost half of new home buyers in Nexton and Carnes Crossroads — two of the most flocked-to master-planned communities in the Charleston region — are coming from places beyond South Carolina’s borders.

In 2021, this group represented 47 percent of purchasers in Nexton and Carnes Crossroads. The other 53 percent came from within the Palmetto State, with 70 percent of those originating from inside the Charleston area, according to data provided by the developers.

“It’s been that way from the beginning,” said Nexton spokeswoman Cassie Cataline. “Since we’ve opened, the percentage has been about the same – 50-to-60 percent of the buyers have come from South Carolina and the rest from out-of-state. I don’t know if it’s a price-point thing or what.”

The 5,000-acre Nexton property is expected to put about 7,000 homes on the ground with a population of about 17,500 at full buildout over the next decade. Over roughly the same period, the nearby 2,300-acre Carnes Crossroads development could have about 4,500 homes with more than 11,000 residents.

A common misconception among Lowcountry residents is that the majority of buyers are moving from either the Northeast corridor or Ohio.

“No, we are not being invaded by people from Ohio,” Cataline said with a chuckle.

Last year, the largest percentage of out-of-state buyers in Nexton moved in from North Carolina and Georgia, specifically from the Charlotte and Atlanta metropolitan areas.

The other top referring states were New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania as those buyers were made up primarily of retirees.

“It’s not just the home itself anymore that’s important,” said Roni Haskell, a realtor with Keller Williams, who has sold more than two dozen homes in the two mixed-use mega-developments. “Yes, the home and affordability are huge factors, but it’s also the neighborhoods now. More and more buyers are looking for the master-planned communities — what I’d call macro-communities — like Nexton and Carnes Crossroads.

“They don’t want to feel isolated; they want to feel like they are in the heart of things, but they don’t want have to go too far to get that lifestyle,” she added. “They want a community feel.”

Nearly 85 percent of buyers in Nexton were made up of either baby boomers or millennials, although there was a smaller percentage of younger buyers as well.

• 49 percent are boomers.

• 36 percent are millennials.

• 15 percent are gen-Xers.

Caroline Ayres, 29, grew up in the Hilton Head Island area and had been living in an apartment in Summerville with husband, Lee, since 2018. The couple wanted more space and went in search of a home in early 2020, finally settling on a property in Nexton’s Brighton Park.

“Everything is super convenient and anything we need is about 10 minutes away,” she said. “Summerville is close by, and we can hop on the interstate and get to downtown Charleston pretty quickly. There’s a lot to do, some great restaurants, some great walking trails, there’s green space, we have a dog park near our house, so everything we need is right here. Those factors were huge for us when we were making our decision on where to buy.”

Tucker Martinelli, 61, was stationed at the Navy base in the early 1980s and was familiar with the area. When his wife, Elizabeth, retired as a school teacher in the summer of 2020, the Charlotte coupled moved to Carnes Crossroads.

“South Carolina is a retirement-friendly state with some of its tax policies,” Martinelli said. “I knew the Summerville-Goose Creek area pretty well. We looked at some homes in the Del Webb section of Nexton, but we fell in love with Carnes Crossroads. We’re still pretty active, so we like to get out and do things. That’s very important for us.”

Ayers said the mix of families in her Brighton Park neighborhood offers a unique generational blend.

“We have young families with kids and without kids and also some retired folks,” Ayers said. “I think it’s an interesting mix because most neighborhoods are normally either young families or an older crowd. Nexton offers a little bit of everything to every generation and that gives it a real community feel.”

Nexton sold 576 homes during 2021, giving the community a total of 2,000 sales. At the end of 2021, Nexton had 1,675 occupied homes and another 250 sold and under construction, with 1,258 completed apartments and 602 under development, Cataline said.

Carnes Crossroads had 480 completed homes in 2021 with 57 under construction, 42 in the planning and approval stage and 823 apartments on the ground, said spokeswoman Julie Dombrowski of DI Development Co., the development manager for the project.

Cane Bay, another large housing development in that area of Berkeley County, did not respond to a request for comment.

MUSC to build hospital in Nexton

The master-planned Nexton community will soon become a medical destination for Berkeley County.Medical University of South Carolina has proposed a $130 million hospital within the Summerville community. The 128-patient bed facility will include four operating rooms, eight labor and delivery rooms, diagnostic testing and imaging, and emergency services, M...

The master-planned Nexton community will soon become a medical destination for Berkeley County.

Medical University of South Carolina has proposed a $130 million hospital within the Summerville community. The 128-patient bed facility will include four operating rooms, eight labor and delivery rooms, diagnostic testing and imaging, and emergency services, MUSC Health Chief Strategy Officer Sarah Bacik said.

“A large percentage of our current patients originate from Berkeley County, and this is going to really allow our patients to have access within our communities,” Bacik said. “It’s not a surprise to anyone that the growth has outpaced some of the infrastructure.”

MUSC has asked the state for approval to build the community hospital through a certificate of need.

The build is expected to take two and a half years.

Nexton’s Vice President of Operations Brent Gibadlo said a hospital offers a service to the surrounding areas and residents because health care options have become a growing priority for homebuyers.

“There are certain basic things that are important for everyone that don’t change,” he said. “Certainly good schools if people have children and then good health care options. So having a world-class hospital in close proximity is always a wonderful compliment to a community."

Downtown Charleston’s MUSC campus will remain the hub for the educational hospital, while the Nexton campus will book end it with satellite campuses and ambulatory services in between, Bacik said.

“We’re full downtown, and we need to make sure that we can continue to have access to those more acute patients,” Bacik said. “It’s really about getting the patients the right level of care at the right place.”

The need for a community hospital in Berkeley County is critical, said Dr. Dave Zaas, CEO of the Charleston division of MUSC. The hospital’s co-location in Nexton will help with the area’s continued growth.

“That is a lot of our strategy not just in tri-county but around the state,” he said. “Not only delivering the highest quality ... but more convenient and ideally at a lower cost. I think that drives our ambulatory growth as well as our statewide strategy.”

Gibadlo said Nexton is just starting to explore the possibilities with MUSC and its idea of community health care, of being more proactive and going out into the community to initiate health and wellness programs. Preventative care could then decrease the need for hospital visits.

“We’ve had conversations with MUSC on how to incorporate some of those programs into Nexton,” Gibadlo said. “That’s everything from community gardens to community fitness programs to even potential opportunities for some of the coordination between MUSC and some of the companies at Nexton.”

Other suggestions include incorporating companies’ health care programs through MUSC and creating wellness programs employees can participate in.

Bacik is already excited for both caregivers and patients because she believes the best care is delivered conveniently to patients, many of whom come from across the state.

“A lot of our patients and staff travel to the peninsula today to receive care or to care for our patients ... so if they could receive care 30 minutes closer, that’s a benefit for the communities as well,” Bacik said.

Gibadlo is going on 13 years at Nexton and said there is has another 13 or 14 years left in the business plan. He still remembers those early years, though, sitting in a Welcome Center trailer praying that builders and homebuyers would think outside the box.

Convincing people to give Nexton a chance was hard a decade ago given the location.

Over time, Gibadlo has found that if he pushes the envelope to create value, the innovation is well-received.

“I think the potential for Nexton is really evolving continuously. What we used to think was possible we’ve exceeded now. Maybe we can take it another step,” he said. “A hospital was something we only dreamed about 10 years ago. Now that’s happening.”

Nexton now receives calls almost daily from groups, retailers and home builders who want to create something exciting at the community. Gibadlo said the biggest challenge is prioritizing. If he reacts to every call, he risks losing focus of the long-term vision that Nexton is systematically moving through.

“At the same time, you have to be flexible enough that if you get a call, like from MUSC, you change track a little bit because that’s a great opportunity,” he said.

A community with a master plan allowed Gibadlo and his team to be deliberate about adding a hospital. They could look at the map of the 5,000 acres to find a plot that was accessible, wouldn’t disrupt homeowners with traffic and had surrounding space for businesses the hospital could bring in. Gibadlo believes they will come.

As an educational institution, MUSC’s research and development could lead to job opportunities and potential spin-off businesses, he said.

Together, Gibadlo and his team’s vision for Nexton stem from a love for the region. He knows, however, that with any growth, there will inevitably be challenges. The objective then is to figure out how to make those obstacles positive.

“We look at it and say hey, we can create this employment center in the Charleston region, take some of the pressure off downtown, 526, everyone commuting and bring some of the great things that people love about this region from a quality of life and bring them to another location that can spread them out a little bit,” he said. “Maybe we can play a small role in helping this region continue to be a great place to live. At the heart of it, that’s what motivates us every day.”


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